Self-Hosted Kubernetes: How and Why

January 24, 2018
How Kubernetes is deployed and managed has changed since the first release of the project. From configuration management systems and unit files to deploying Kubernetes using Kubernetes, a lot has changed. Self-hosted Kubernetes has many benefits as a deployment option, and this webinar will highlight those benefits, as well as explain the history and nuances of making self-hosted Kubernetes possible.This webinar will describe what self-hosted Kubernetes means, why it exists, how it came into existence, and what you need to know if you're running a self-hosted cluster. Many tools now deploy self-hosted clusters including bootkube and kubeadm, so knowledge of how this works can be very important for anybody running a Kubernetes cluster. What are the benefits of self-hosting? How does it work? What do I need to know if I'm administering a self-hosted cluster? All those questions and more will be discussed in detail in this webinar. In addition, you will learn how various projects and products take advantage of the many benefits of self-hosting, such as Tectonic.

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