Moving From Fleet to Kubernetes

May 9, 2017

Fleet is open source, cluster-scheduling software that treats a group of machines as though they shared an init system. The project has been widely adopted and has proven successful in hundreds of production environments. In 2014, a year after fleet was introduced, Google released Kubernetes which provides much of the same value and a few features not available in fleet. Kubernetes was designed around a solid, extensible API, which fleet lacked, and had already laid down code for service discovery, container networking, and other key features. Today, we are seeing widespread adoption of Kubernetes and many in our community are migrating from fleet to Kubernetes. Please join us in this webinar where we will: - Explore the differences between fleet and Kubernetes, - Outline reasons to migrate (or not) from fleet to kubernetes, - Detail some of the key considerations for a migration from fleet to Kubernetes In addition to these, we will also outline a best practice for maintaining legacy fleet clusters on Container Linux with fleet container packaging as you plan your migration.

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